Wednesday, September 18, 2013

JVM Shutdown Hook - addShutdownHook in Java

JVM Provides hook to register thread with shutdown init sequence. Meaning whenever shutdown will happen, this thread will run.You may require this to cleanup resources in case of unexpected JVM Shutdown.

Runtime.class provides method addShutdownHook whereYou can provide Thread instance.
public void addShutdownHook(Thread hook)

  • If multiple threads are registered as part of ShutdownHook, all registered threads will be run in parallel. 
  • If You are shutting down Virtual Machine using Runtime.getRunTime().halt then It will not invoke shutdownhook and will shutdown all running process quickly.

package com.anuj.threading;
 * ShowDown Hook 
 * used to perform clean up resources when JVM shutDown normally or abnormally 
 * @author Anuj
class ShutDownHookExample extends Thread{

 public void run() {
  System.out.println("JVM Shutdown Hook : Thread running");
  * @param args
 public static void main(String[] args) {
  // TODO Auto-generated method stub

  Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime();
  runtime.addShutdownHook(new ShutDownHookExample());  
  System.out.println("shutDownHook registered");
  System.out.println("Before Shutdown");


Output :
shutDownHook registered
Before Shutdown
JVM Shutdown Hook : Thread running

Author : Anuj Patel
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