Solution : Exception "\IBM\WebSphere was unexpected at this time"

While I was developing webservices, I was unable to start Weblogic configured in Netbeans and getting exception "\IBM\WebSphere was unexpected at this time".

Following steps I have performed but issue doesn't resolved
  1. Removed Weblogic in Netbeans But issue doesn't solved
  2. Removed Netbeans and done fresh installation thinking Might be Netbeans Bug But issue doesn't solved
  3. Removed Weblogic installation and reinstalled Weblogic fresh installation But Issue doesn't solved
  4. Then I was thinking why issue doesn't got resolved.
Finally, I analyzed classpath and path in System Environment Variables and updated all C:\Program Files (x86) with C:\Progra~2 in Windows 7 and issue has been resolved.

It's always best practice to c:\Progra~1 and c:\Progra~2 in configurations path.

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